The Girl Who Dared To Fight by Bella Forrest

This book is the finale of a 7 book series. (The Girl Who Dared To Think)

I absolutely loved reading it. This book was an emotional rollercoaster. Especially nearing the end.
The whole book was fast paced and exciting.

I absolutely love the main characters. You feel a connection to them which makes some scenes particularly well written and striking. Throughout the whole series, you really get to know the characters and so, last few of chapters of this book are gripping. Again, I can only describe it as an emotional rollercoaster.

The whole series is well written. The storyline and plot progresses well throughout, as do the characters.

Liana is an absolutely fantastic lead character. Her struggles feel very real which makes you connect to her and the decisions in which she has to make and witness.

You definitely need to read the whole series to know what’s going on.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend reading this series. Definitely one of the most exciting ones I’ve read.

My rating: 5/5*

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