The Mine (Northwest Passage Book 1) by John A. Heldt

AwI didn’t expect to enjoy this book as much as I did. Once I started reading it, I was soon hooked. It beat my expectations by a lot.

The characters are great.
I loved Joel and especially how he came across and handled himself in the situation he found himself in. I also like the girls. They each had their own individual aspects which made them, them.

Tom and Joel’s friendship was great to read, especially when we knew the fate Tom.

The storyline progressed well. Maybe not as face paced as I’m used to reading, but nonetheless, I really enjoyed it.
It was nice having an insight into 1940s America. Especially being British myself. It was interesting to read.
I was thinking it was a steady 4* the whole way through. It was very well written, but as I said, maybe a little bit slow paced to what I typically read. What made me change my mind and give it 5* was the ending.

My only other issue I found was that each chapter was from a different characters point of view. The issue I had was that a few chapters had 2 characters, e.g, Grace and Joel. I’m not a fan of characters sharing chapters like this as it leads to a bit of head hopping which I feel shouldn’t be done in the same chapter. It wasn’t too obvious in this book due to the type of narrative used, being in third person, but I still felt there was a small bit which I noticed. It could have been just one characters chapter and near enough, still be written the same. Luckily, this was a minor issue I found due to the way it was written. If it was in first person, I probably would have had a bigger issue with it.

The ending was an emotional rollercoaster. It was perfect though. Very unexpected and brilliant.

It deserved 5* in the end and I would definitely recommend reading this book.

My rating 5/5*

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