Ashes of Foreverland by Tony Bertauski

This is the third book in the Foreverland series.

I enjoyed reading this book.
It was well thought out and brought the series together to make a good ending.

This book has dystopian all over it. Foreverland itself and especially the Nowhere near the end. I would say it is a must read for any dystopian fan.

I liked seeing Danny and Cyn together. They worked well together. Danny had grown up alot from the last time we had seen him. It was the same with Cyn. They were both battling their own demons and facing them in this book.

I found that this book did get a little confusing at times however.
The ending did all make sense though.

Overall, the whole series was a great read and I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 4/5*

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