Surviving The Evacuation, Book 13: Future’s Beginning by Frank Tayell

This series follows a zombie outbreak starting in London (the first book is literally called London).

It’s fast moving, full of action, full of surprises and also tackles real life situations which would most likely would occur if such a thing would happen. There is also aspects of nuclear war involved.

This book is the 13th in the series. The first few follow a character called Bill in a diary form. The next few then follow a character called Nilda. These characters and various people they meet on the way all end up intertwining into one big storyline which soon leads to where I am at now, in the 13th book.

I enjoyed this book. As much as I would like to know what has happened to Bill, I think having this story from those in Ireland and their problems has worked well. They don’t know what has happened either. It’s kept me wanting to read more and know what happens next.

The storyline was good and the plot developed nicely. I liked the way the subotage’s have been expanded on and then (hopefully) solved.

It’s nice to get to know some characters more, such a Sibhoan and of course, Sholto.
I do hope the next book goes back to Bill though.

These books have a good balance of zombie action as well as real life problems and politics which could arise in a situation like they’re in.

This is a brilliant series and I would definitely recommend reading these books. They definitely need to read in order otherwise I don’t think the storyline will completly make sense.

My rating: 5/5*

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