Free Souls (Mindjack: Kira Book 3) by Susan Kaye Quinn

This book leads on a few months after the previous one. Kira has joined Julian’s Mindjacker movement whilst also working in finding Agent Kestrel.

This book was enjoyable to read. It moved at a nice fast pace throughout and the plot developed well.

I have enjoyed seeing Kira grow as an individual. She’s become a strong independent women. I also liked getting to know various other characters more such as Julian, Sasha, Anna and Ava.

I liked the different types of Mindjackers and seeing what their different skills were. That was alot better than everyone simply being the same and doing the same thing.

I liked how the storyline progressed. The smaller details were good and especially the ones I didn’t see coming, such as her mum and the ending in general.

The was great and very different to what you could have guessed. Kira choose to make a decision which to some in the book, would have been controversial. It made the final outcome more exciting to read.

Through all the heartbreak and tears Kira had to endure, it was nice to see her happy with Julian. As much as it was sad to see her lose Raf, it was nice to see someone else make her happy.

I would definitely recommend this series. It moves at a nice pace with a great storyline. The second and third books are definitely better than the first.

My rating: 5/5*

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