Searching For Home by Aspen Kendrick

This book follows twins, Aurora and Ambrose who have lived on Pendra for as long as they can remember. Their unique abilities to see into the future and the past tell them that their parents are not dead and nor were they abandoned. They set out on a journey to find their parents, however, when they find them, all is not what they expected. They then find their own adventures on Terra.

This book was a nice read. It was light hearted the majority of the way through with aspects of darkness thrown in. It had a good storyline and the characters were good.

Aurora and Ambrose were incredibly likable. They started out as the sweet innocent children and developed as teenagers who kept they’re innocence on the new world of Terra (Earth). As they learnt new things, they both developed in character. They had a great connection together and even when they drifted slightly apart, events happened which they soon drifted back, needing eachother.

My only problem with this book was the pace in which it moved at. I felt it needed to move faster. It would have added more excitement to it. The last quarter was where things suddenly moved at a faster pace and different events started to happen.

As good as the writing is, and the characters are, the story just needed that extra push for me. Nonetheless, I stilled enjoyed this book and the last quarter saved it for me.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book. It had a good story and great characters.

My rating: 4/5*


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