In The Afterlight (Book 3) by Alexandra Bracken

This book is the 3rd in The Darkest Minds series. It leads on after the events of the end of the previous book.

The book has a tonne of action in it. The storyline is great and moves at a good, fast pace. I love the way the plot develops and how it finally meets the end. It ends at a nice point. The fact they brush on the afterwards is a good touch.

I continued to love the characters. All of them have developed from when we first met them. Zu’s personal development in this book definitely makes up for her absence in the previous. Ruby by far, has the greatest development. Her courage and bravery at the end to get the job done in the place she hates the most is a show for how far she has come me from the start.

The only criticism I have is that it’s great that it is all from Ruby’s perspective, however this has meant that we missed most of the action at the end. They spent quite a whike in the book talking about this plan that it would have just be nice to read it all oan out. I know Liam tells her what happened, so we do get to know somewhat but its never the same as reading the action happen. I do also get that Ruby’s situation did prevent her from joining them. This hasn’t had an impact on what I think of the book at all though.

Overall, this book is a brilliant book. It’s full of action, well written, grest characters and with some surprises thrown in. I would definitely recommend this series.

My rating: 5/5*

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