The Watcher Wars: (The Seekers Trilogy) by T. C Edge

This book is the first book in The Seekers Trilogy and the 4th in The Watchers series.

It follows Theo and Ajax, the kids of Cyra and Jackson and Link and Ellie from The Watchers series. They want to develop their powers and be admired for who they are, not who their parents are.

When an attack happens, Theo and Ajax find themselves in Edan with their family and their Grandfather who urges them to develop their powers and enter The Watcher Wars. Someone is taking out those involved in the war 20 years ago, and the two young men are about to find themselves right in the centre of the action.

I enjoyed this book. It was well paced, had a good storyline and I liked the characters.

It was nice seeing how things have changed in 20 years, and what hasn’t changed. I liked seeing our previous characters, but it was also good to have the storyline based on their kids, Theo and Ajax.

It was a little bit slow going at times, and in general, slower than the previous books in The Watchers series. The pace was still good enough and there was plenty of excitement and action in the book and Theo and Ajax did go on their own adventure. I get the impression that this book was setting up for the next one.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I like going back and seeing what has happened after the series has essentially ended. I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

This book does need to be read as the 4th book in The Watchers series to fully understand the world, the characters and the war which has happened.

My rating: 4/5*

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