Queen (The Blackcoat Rebellion, Book 3) by Aimée Carter

This was the third and final book in The Blackcoat Rebellion series.

Kitty has helped take over the prison of Elsewhere, but Daxton has no intention of letting her and the Blackcoats win this war. She must expose the truth about him being an imposter of the real Daxton before any more damage is done. But that is easier said than done. She must become a piece in the game in order to truly win.

This book was really enjoyable and I found it to be a good ending to the series. I liked the references to a game, specifically chess. It was very fitting to the titles as well as the storyline.

It was fast paced and the plot progressed well and swiftly. There was alot of twists in it. Just when you think that was it and she was about to win, something else happened. There was no lack for action.

Kitty has truly found herself within this book. She has decided and accepted where she stands in this war. She’s become a strong and brave character in comparison to the beginning.

I really like Knox. He started to trust her in this book, but still kept caring for her as well. He wanted to protect her, but also had no issues sacrificing for the greater good. I was glad to see Kitty finally admit her feelings for him.

Overall, this book was great. It was fast paced and had a great storyline with great characters. There was plenty of tension reading this book, especially when events happened without us fully knowing the consequences or outcomes.  We saw everything from Kitty’s point of view and only found things out when she did.

The ending was a good, nice, satisfying end to the trilogy. I would definitely reading this series. It definitely needs to be read in order.

My rating: 5/5*

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