The Lion of Ackbarr (The Medici Chronicles Book 1) by Erme Lander

This is the first book in the Medici Chronicles.

It follows 15 year old Mika who is married off to a traders son from another country, despite her family mourning the recent disappearance of her twin brother, Kaylan. She struggles to adapt to the new ways expected of her, until she wakes one day to find her new family all dead around her.

Mika escapes and disguises herself to travel to Ackbarr. She becomes a Medici apprentice whilst struggling to deal with her strange changing as she attempts to find her brother.

This book was good and I did enjoy it. The storyline was interesting and it developed well.

I liked Mika. She starts of so vulnerable at the beginning but after what happened with her new ‘family’, she slowly develops into a strong individual. This is partly due to her having to pretend to be a boy. She has to learn to fit in as one, but also, she learns more about herself and her family heritage.

My only issue with this book was that at times, I felt the pace moved a bit slow. It needed a little bit more action, probably a little bit more Shape-shifting action. It wasn’t until the last third that events really started to pick up. The good storyline and the fact it was well written kept me interested though.

Overall, I did like this book. It had a good story with good characters and an interesting concept. I would recommend giving it a go.

My rating: 4/5*

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