Contributor (Contributor Trilogy, book 1) by Nicole Ciacchella

This is the first book in the Contributor Trilogy.

Creators each run their own separate domes  in which people live in after the Great Famine brought the world to the brink of an apocalypse, threatening mankind’s existence. Everything works insides them  from Logistics to Engineering, and everyone is expected to contribute.

Dara Marrow is 17 years old and has been offered an apprenticeship to become Head of Engineering Anderson’s assistant. Her competition is tough and ruthless. They will stop at nothing to win.

After an accident renders her mother severely injured, she soon finds out that being a contributor isn’t all which it seems to be and realises the price of being one: once you’ve outlived your usefulness, you’re discarded.

I enjoyed this book. It flowed well and the storyline was good. I liked how the plot developed. I liked the idea of everyone living in different domes. I think it was well thought out.

The pace was a little slow at times, but the storyline was good enough to keep going and it was written well.

I liked Dara. She was a little bit naive at times but she tried to stay true to what she believes in. That was also half the problem with her. She knew her competition was tough and that they were ruthless, yet she still tried seeing the best of them and trying to make friends. Letizia kept trying to tell her so and eventually, she did come to realise this.

Her naivety does make me wonder how she will cope in the next book which I am looking forward to reading.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book. It had a good storyline and good characters.

My rating: 4/5*


Creators (Contributor Prequel Novella)

I would definitely recommend reading this novella. It compliments the trilogy well and gives a good insight to the creators point of view and how it all started.

My rating for the novella: 4/5*

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