The Restrainers (The Amplified Trilogy book 3) by Lauren M. Flauding

This is the 3rd and final book in the Amplified Trilogy.

Against all odds (and possibly her own desires), Mari Quillen is now a Restrainer. Equipped with extra abilities through her enhanced Amplification and prestigious position, she strives to protect those she loves while carrying out her own plans behind the Governor’s back. She constantly finds herself caught between her duties and her weaknesses as she attempts to hide her secrets from the Community.

I enjoyed this book. It moved fast with plenty of action. I liked how the storyline developed and then to resolve everything from the previous books.

Mari has been a great character. She just wants to do what it right, even if it means moving to the wrong side for a bit before making her move. Ultimately, she is the one to save everyone from the Governor, and from themselves. She’s strong, independent and exciting and her relationship with Miles is great to read.

These books have all been on the shorter side meaning that it’s all story and action and straight to the point. It has meant that there hasn’t been a dull moment and that they have been exciting throughout.

Overall, I have really enoyed these books and would definitely recommend this series. I would recommend reading it in order in order to get the full story.

My rating: 4/5*

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