The King’s Gambit (The Vault Guardian book 1) by Thom L. Matthews

This is the first book in The Vault Guardian series.

It has been centuries since Earth’s societies crumbled, leaving the planet a nearly barren wasteland. Since then, the remnants of humanity have slowly rebuilt isolated civilizations with new cultures and ideas, all seemingly unaware of how the world ended. It is a world ravaged by war, illness, and famine. To Benedict Limmetrad, the outcast son of Freztad’s former chief, that world is about to get much bigger.

When the mysterious forces of a faraway land capture a beloved member of his village, Ben embarks on a quest to bring her home-only to discover that the world is far more dangerous and mysterious than he had once thought. His journey proves perilous, and he is faced with death and danger at every turn. Throughout his quest, Ben’s values and sense of self are pushed to the limits as he uncovers the secrets of the world, its past, and himself.

I enjoyed this book. It moved at a good pace, the storyline was good and I liked the characters.

Ben was great. He was down to earth, strong, brave and loyal to his friends and to finding Rose. I liked his personal development throughout. He learnt more and more about himself, his background and his family as the story moved forward which was enjoyable to read.

The other characters introduced throughout were also good. They each contributed to the story.

My only issue was that the beginning was a bit slow for me. The first chapter, although being a nice opening to the story, did leave totally confused and it didn’t make complete sense to me until later on in the book. It did just take me a little while to get going with the story. Once the pace and plot picked up which was at around 20% for me, I enjoyed it.

Overall, it was an enjoyable book and a great start to the series. I would be intrigued to see where the plot will move to next. I would definitely recommend it as the characters were good with a great storyline.

My rating: 4/5*

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