The Endless Knight (The Seekers Trilogy book 3) by T. C. Edge

This book is the 3rd and final book in The Seekers Trilogy and the 6th book in The Watchers series.

No one saw the destruction of the great sea city coming. No one expected the Baron to strike right at their heart. But now, gathering back in the city of stone, the survivors have no choice but to go to war.

From Petram, plans are made as the regions are engulfed in conflict. For many, all this seems familiar, the world once more falling into turmoil. For Theo, Ajax, and the twins, however, it’s like nothing they’ve ever experienced.

Soon, they’ll all realise that the Baron is yet to play his final hand. And when he does, they’ll be in a fight against time to stop the whole world from falling into darkness.

The whole series has been great to read. I’ve enjoyed going back into the world where there are Watchers, and especially with 20 years between the 2 trilogies.

This book was a great end to The Seekers Trilogy. It was fast paced with plenty of action and the plot continued to develop well. I enjoyed the ending. It was a satisfying one.

Theo has been a great character. He has come a long way from the start and really has become a man and a valued, powerful watcher. Ajax has been the same. It’s been good reading their friendship develop and become stronger after all they have gone through. I liked seeing their relationships with the twins grow. They all have gained a good relationship from the experiences they have been through together.

I’ve really enjoyed reading Cyra, Jackson, Ellie and Link again. It’s been good to see how they have moved on and changed in the years between The Watchers Trilogy. Seeing them turn into parents has been nice to read. It’s also been nice seeing the changes in the other characters such as Drake and Athena.

I am glad the point of view has been from Theo. I think it was important to have it based from a new younger character. It wouldn’t have been the same telling the story from Cyra again.

The villains behind the story were good, the clones and Baron. It made for an exciting storyline which kept developing as the books moved forward, without repeating the from The Watchers Trilogy. There were plenty of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. The hero at the end was also nice, though I did kind of see that one coming as well as hoped for it to happen.

Overall, this whole series has been brilliant to read. All the books are fast paced and the storylines develop well. All the characters are great.

I wouldn’t definitely recommend this series. It needs to be read from the beginning with The Watchers Trilogy  before The Seekers Trilogy.

My rating: 5/5*


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