Outliers (Transient book 2) by K. M. Hill

This is the second book in the Transient series.

As her impending Date of Death looms large, Rae start to question her and Apollo’s actions in the wake of their experience at OBK.

Still, they resolve to fight back and prove to the world that the Cryptograph is a lie.

But what if the algorithm turns out to be right all along …?

I enjoyed this book. It had a good storyline which developed nicely and it generally moved at a good pace.

I say it generally moves at a good pace because I struggled to get into it properly to begin with. The beginning was a little bit slow. Once the plot started to develop and things progressed, it got my attention more and then I really enjoyed reading it.

I liked the characters. Rae is smart and brave. She’s a good main character. Apollo is also a good character although he does get abit frustrating at times with his rash decision making. Peter was a great addition in this book, especially with the little plot twist which occurs.

I’d definitely recommend this series. The storyline is great with an interesting concept. The characters are good and it’s interesting to read.

I have dropped a star only because the beginning of this book took a while to grab my full attention and interest. The majority of the book was great though and definitely worth a read.

My rating: 4/5*

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