Through Dragon Eyes by Catherine Milos

Dragon Mountain faces the wrath of King Warrick, a man who won’t rest until every last dragon is gone.

Half elf and half human, Zoe happens to be the future Wise One’s scaler, but Earthana’s lessons in the ways of the Wise One have left Zoe without the proper training in dragon and scaler magic. Not to mention she knows nothing of where she comes from.

Zoe’s friends – Soran the elf, her human brother Caden, Lily the blacksmith’s finisher, and a merman named Nymen – help her search for the missing Gauntlet of the Realms, the only hope to save the dragons and those who love them. But betrayal, fear, and prejudice threatens to divide them as the coming war approaches.

Can Zoe and her friends find the gauntlet and save dragon kind?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was a great storyline, the characters were great, the aspect with the dragons was great and the plot developed nicely.

The insight to the dragons was good and well written. I could picture them in my head and saw the story playing out.

The different people – elves, merpeople, was great to read. We were introduced to the different lives and worlds in a good way, yet, when doing so, it added to the overall plot as well.

Zoe was the main character within the story and was great to follow. We followed her whilst she learnt about dragon magic and the different realms. Her family history turned out to be more complex than even she knew.

Overall, this book was great to read. It was written very well and the descriptions were good enough that you could picture the story playing out.

I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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