Anyone Else? By Angela Scott

This is the second book in the Anyone series.

Surviving an apocalypse sucks. It totally does. Instead of counting herself lucky to be alive, Tess struggles to find the will to keep placing one foot in front of the other, especially when the most she ever had to worry about before the meteor catastrophe was whether she’d have a date to prom.

Climbing mountains—again—dealing with the lack of food, clean water, and wondering what the point of it all is doesn’t feel much like luck at all. More like punishment.

Maybe it’d be different if she had Cole by her side, as troublesome and irritating as he could be. But he doesn’t seem to be anywhere, and Tess wonders if he’d ever truly been there in the first place. Her dad and brother don’t buy her story of a lone wolf coming to her rescue, and as things become more and more difficult, she’s slowly beginning to doubt herself, too.

Real? Imaginary? A product of her delusional mind? Cole’s existence—or nonexistence—remains a mystery because this time around, there’s more than just herself and a kitten to take care of. This time, someone vulnerable depends on her strength and bravery more than ever before.

I really enjoyed reading this book, as I did with the first. Tess is a great character, as is Cole, the storyline moves at a good pace and develops well and Tess’ cat is amazing. This book, as with the first, has had me quite emotionally invested.

Tess is still not the best at surviving an apocalypse in this book, however, she gets shoved into the thick of it with certain responsibilities thrown at her. I felt she adapted well to everything and did witness and experience some true horrors, which is what makes her such a good character. She’s down to earth and relatable.

I absolutely love her cat, Callie. She is by far my favourite thing about this book. The descriptions and actions with this cat are so accurate and it’s really making me smile reading it. I can relate to some things with having cats myself.

Cole is becoming a mystery. I love him as a character, even though he can be frustrating at times. It was great to see him finally loosen up abit at the end. I’m hoping that all these coincidences surrounding him will be explained in the next book.

I enjoyed some of the humour in this book, such as with the deer. It did make me laugh at times which doesn’t often happen with me and books. I found it well written and Tess’ thoughts shown well. These incidences are a nice contrast to the setting and events of the apocalypse.

The only thing about this series so far which I have found slightly annoying is the overly American phrases. That’s most likely because I’m British and don’t necessarily understand them all. Like a pacifier? It’s a dummy. And band-aid – It’s bandage or a plaster. Just my English mind with that though.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed this series so far and I’m looking forward to the next one. I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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