Elf Mastery by Bryant Reil

Kyla Nim has left home to find her role in the World of Order. She meets Eunoe (YOON-way), an alseid who knits DNA to create animals, and Aspen, a dryad who helps trees and flowers blossom through song. Alongside Aura the Daughter of the Air, Denzig the Dragon, Saul the Satyr, and Lug the loveable stone elemental, Kyla works to find some hidden talent she can use to better the world.

Though Kyla is distressed at her eventual assignment as a mere messenger, on one of her missions she stumbles across a plot by Erebus, god of darkness, to envelop the world in eternal night. Finding herself pursued by Erebus’ deadly Avowed disciples, Kyla traverses rivers of lava and ancient underground caverns as she seeks to prevent an eternity void of light.

I enjoyed reading this book. The story was great and interesting, the characters were good, the plot developed well and moved at a good pace.

The characters were well described and it was great to read such a great variety of them. I like Eunoe and Aspen the most.

Kyla was a good main character, although I did find her childish and annoying at times and felt she did need a good slap now and again. I did feel that it was just in her nature to be that way and she did save everyone in the end, so she wasn’t all that bad. She would have been stuck if it wasn’t for her friends though.

The storyline was great and I enjoyed reading it. The world the characters lived in was imaginative and exciting to learn about, from their life at school to the sun and stars.

The only thing I would say was that the chapters could be broken up better. You could be reading about one character, then it would move to another, and then back to the other character which was a little bit annoying for me. I prefer to read one solid character or scene per chapter and not multiple ones per chapter, although thats just my personal preference and this was the reason I dropped a star.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it. I’m intrigued to see what the next book is about.

My rating: 4/5*

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