The Enhanced: Conquest by T. C. Edge

This is effectively, the 12th book in The Enhanced series, although it’s the 2nd book following both, Brie and Kira.

They have suffered a civil war. They have beaten back a barbarian army. Now, the city of Haven faces the greatest threat of all.

A year ago, the world changed for Brie. She found out about her powers. She found out about her parents. She found…and lost, her brother, and found herself in the midst of a bitter war.

Now the dust is settling, but another threat is rising in her mind. After her adventure to the northern realms with Kira six months ago, she’s been ever restless about the threat she found. The Children of the Prime are coming, she knows. But, will anyone else believe her?

With Kira away in Neorome, and dealing with her own problems, time might well be running out before the renamed city of New Haven comes under siege again.

Brie knows this, and her powers are growing to face this new threat. The question is…will it be enough? Or will New Haven fall, once again, under the rule of a cruel dictator?

I have loved every book in The Enhanced series so far, and this book was no different. I said after reading the previous book with Brie and Kira, that I hope there’s another one, and I’m so glad that there is.

The story was brilliant and it led on well from the last. The storyline and plot developed well and I love Brie and Kira, and all the other characters. The new characters introduced, or taken from other books (The Red Warrier series and Children on the Prime series) are also great. (I have yet to read both those other series, but recognise characters which feature in them.)

Brie and Kira are fantastic on their own, but throwing them together and making them both the main characters is brilliant. They are both so strong, physically and mentally, and have both been through alot, but in their different ways. Having points of view from both of them is what is makes this book so brilliant.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and loved the storyline, the characters and the plot development. I’m really looking forward to reading this next on the series. I would definitely recommend this whole series.

My rating: 5/5*

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