The Enhanced: Fractured by T. C. Edge

This is effectively the 13th book in The Enhanced series, but the 3rd book featuring combined perspectives of bith Brie and Kira.

The battle for New Haven is over, but Brie has been taken once more. Now, Kira and the survivors are in a race against time to get her back…

With the Olympian army pushed back, the city of New Haven has a chance to lick its wounds, bolstered by the arrival of Kira and over a hundred seasoned Neoroman warriors. The lull doesn’t last long. Only days after the battle, the Havenites wake to find that the Olympian army has disappeared overnight.

And they’ve taken Brie with her.

Plans are quickly formed to try to get her back before she’s drawn northwards, and into the heart of Olympus. The Prime, they know, have plans for her. Plans that could put the whole world in danger. And together, the might of New Haven and Neorome must combine to get her back.

Without delay, a mission is activated to head north. An advanced force of five hundred soldiers, Havenite and Neoroman alike, will set off first, desperate to hunt the Olympians down. Behind, Emperor Domitian will rally the full might of Neorome to follow. The plan is to retrieve Brie first, and then eliminate the Prime, setting free the minds of the people of Olympus and the Fringe…

But, such missions rarely go to plan. And soon enough, as Kira heads off with Ares and a dozen Neoromans to catch the Olympian convoy up, she finds that Brie has plans of her own…

The question is, is Brie strong enough to counter the powers of the Overseer, and the Prime? And how will she deal with the new threats she encounters along the way?

I really enjoyed reading this book. The story was great, the plot moved at a good fast pace and I love the characters.

Brie and Kira, as I have mentioned in previous reviews, are both brilliant. They are both strong and fierce. Their relationship has developed a lot since they first met, so Kira’s desire to rescue Brie is great to see. Brie, as usual, wants to help everyone, even when she is the one captured. This book is brilliant in having both of their perspectives and seeing the larger picture of the story.

I love all the other characters too. Ares stood out in particular to me. I like his character, his strength and also his pride and honour. Amber as well is a good character, and I’m looking forward to reading her series, (Children of the Prime).

Artemis Cromwell isn’t half going on his own story through these books. His character development is brilliant to read. I really hope he isn’t lost to the Prime too much after everything which has occurred with him!

Overall, I absolutely love this series, and enjoyed this book. I’m really looking forward to the next in the series.

I would definitely recommend this series. The Enhanced series has a brilliant story, world and characters.

My rating: 5/5*

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