Portals: Saving Earth (Into The Galaxy book 2) by Ann Christy

This is the second and final book in this series.

As the enormous spacecraft named Fluffy floats above a stunned Earth, humanity is again thrown into chaos. Humanity thought the Portal Invasion was over. The portals stopped as suddenly as they began, and Earth has barely begun recovering from the terror. Now, the sentient spacecraft and its crew tell humans how wrong they were…about everything.

As Hub waits in the deep, dark vastness of space, the crew of the stolen spacecraft races to stop the tragedy soon to befall Earth. If only they could get humanity to stop fighting each other long enough to help save their own necks. The galaxy can open to humanity, if only they can summon the bravery to step through the door.

I really enjoyed this book. The story was great and the plot developed well. The characters were great and the descriptions were brilliant and imaginative.

Lysa was a brilliant character. She was only human, but was brave, stubborn and determined to do the right thing. She was clever enough to find loopholes and go around the rules. I enjoyed reading her journey.

Jack and Drives To Hard were brilliant too. It was interesting learning about their original species, especially when Lysa’s mum came into the picture and reading about her experiences getting to know this new world. All the characters were brilliant including Esme and Heather.

Fluffy was brilliant. It was amazing how a ship could have so much personality.

The descriptions are what made this book great. They were vivid and imaginative. You could picture every character, world, species and portal.

I found that this book was better than the previous one. I think it was because it had more action and less of an information overload.

Overall, I enjoyed this series and would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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