Flow by Clare Littlemore

This is the first book in the Flow series.

A world in tatters. A society where rebellion is not tolerated. A girl desperate to discover the truth.

Sixteen year old Quin lives in The Beck, a saviour society. Her community has risen from the ruins of a land shattered by Mother Nature. But Beck law is tough. Quin knows that the rules must be followed in order to sustain life in a place where floodwaters constantly threaten existence. A single violation could land her in Clearance.

But some laws are harder to follow than others. And as Quin discovers the horrifying truth, she knows she cannot stay silent forever.

I enjoyed reading this book. The story was great and the plot developed well, and at a good pace with good characters.

Quin was a great main character. She was just a normal citizen trying to survive, but she also had a strong side to her which wanted to do the right thing. She wanted to protect her friends by any means possible, but ultimately, going along with the way society is, is the way to do so.

Cameron was a good character. He came across as someone Quin could trust at times, but also as someone who followed the rules. I liked gradually getting to know him, and learning why he came across as he did at times, and enjoyed seeing his relationship with Quin grow.

All the other characters were also good.

The way The Beck worked was interesting to read. It was a hard place with strict laws, and ultimately, the truth isn’t a good one. I’m looking forward to reading the next book and seeing how the story develops.

I would definitely recommend it.

My rating : 5/5*

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