March of the Chosen (Children of the Prime Book 4) by T. C. Edge

This is book 4 of the Children of the Prine series set in the Enhanced world.

With a great conflict with Haven brewing, Amber finds herself marching to war, along with a convoy of thousands.

But before the war begins, first she needs to get there…

The route is hazardous and long, testing Amber and her fledgling friends as they go. But soon enough, when they creep towards Haven’s borders, they’ll all find themselves tested like never before.

As the stakes begin to rise, and tensions mount between the army’s leaders, Amber soon learns just who can and cannot trust.

The question is, who is friend and who is foe?

I enjoyed this book and liked seeing Amber’s journey continue.

Amber is a brilliant character. She is strong, fierce, but also kind hearted. She shows kindness and fairness to the Worthies and the Fringers, as we see in this book.

I enjoyed seeing her relationship with Elian grow, as well as with Perses. They both are helping her with her new role as a Herald, and even more so as they now march to war.

The route to war itself was rather uneventful. We get to know Amber’s mind more.

The ending begins with run in parallel with The Enhanced: Conquest which is great to read. The same event, but different points of view. I think I’ve read them the wrong way round, but nevertheless, it’s the same story.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend reading this series. I was debating my rating, but unfortunately for me, the lack of events in comparison to the previous books has dropped a star. It was still a good book though.

My rating: 4/5*


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