V Games (The Vampire Games Book 1) by Caroline Peckham

This is the first book in The Vampire Games series.

Three things are about to change my life forever…

#1 I’ve been kidnapped to enter a terrifying televised game.

#2 Vampires exist and they’re hungry as hell.

#3 Varick Cartwright is the most terrifying creature I’ve ever met…but he might be the only one who can save me from what’s about to happen.

I’ve been forced into the V Games with twenty four other girls from prison, and now I have no choice but to fight for my life in a week long event.

I’m already a black-hearted killer, but can I be a survivor too? And do I even deserve the freedom this twisted game could offer me if I win?

On this hellish island, one of my captors frightens me the most. He’s a deadly vampire, like those out in the game. And yet, this one’s different. There’s a twisted darkness brewing in him, but for some reason he’s the only one here who gives me hope.

The island is hungry.

The Helsings have placed their bets.

It’s time for me to play the V Games.

I really enjoyed reading this book which was a pleasant surprise to me. I normally avoid vampire books as they don’t seem to appeal to me, but I decided to try this one out after reading Zodiac Academy.

The storyline was great, the characters were great and it ran at a fast exciting pace.

Selena was a great main character. She was imprisoned for defending herself and her mum. Everyone saw her as a killer, but didn’t believe the circumstances. From that she’s then kidnapped and thrown into the madness on this island having to yet again, defend herself. Her courage and bravery was brilliant. She kept wanting to help others, even when her own life was at stake.

Varick was also a great character. He may be a vampire, but he had emotions to him as well. I enjoyed seeing his character develop into the one we see at the end. His relationship with Selena was enjoyable to read.

I liked how the vampires were described. It was too over the top, nor was it too unbelievable. It was just right for me. The vampire aspect also didn’t sway the story from the main plot as well. Selena and her journey in the games was always the central aspect.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. There was plenty of excitement, as well as some twists and turns. I would definitely recommend it and I’m looking forward to reading the next.

My rating: 5/5*

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