Off Limits (The Scottish Billionaire book 1) by M. S. Parker

This is the first book in The Scottish Billionaire series.

Alec: I’m in my thirties and life is…well not boring, but uneventful, despite being the CEO of the family company. And that’s just how I like it to be. Then, I meet Lumen, a woman who challenges everything in such an irresistible way.

Lumen: Growing up in foster care wasn’t the nightmare for me as it was for some, but life has never been easy. I focus on my goals and I’m never distracted by men or relationships. Until one rainy Seattle night when a gorgeous hunk walked into the spa where I work.

When Alec mistakes a young woman’s workplace for a “happy ending” massage parlor, things get more complicated than he prefers. Especially when their lives become entwined in ways never imagined.

Meet Lumen Browne and multi-billionaire CEO, Alec McCrae. They are an unlikely couple, and as they struggle to fit into each other’s lives, Alec and Lumen must decide if they’ll fight for love…or walk away.

I enjoyed reading this book. The storyline was great, the plot developed well and I liked the characters.

Lumen was a good character. She’s kind, but strong enough to know her own mind. Alec was also a great character. I loved seeing the fight he was having with himself over Lumen. I also loved his daughter and the relationship he has with her, and her relationship with Lumen.

The storyline developed well. Lumen and Alec are an unlikely couple, but they kept bumping into each other, and each time there was that spark. It only increased when it turns out that she’s his daughter’s teacher and they got on well.

Overall, this was an easy read, and the storyline and characters were great. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops in the next book. I’d definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

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