The Demise (A Bubo Series Novella)

My novella is complete and up for pre-order now on Amazon for 0.99.



It’s a prequel to my novel, The System (The Bubo Series Book 1), although I believe it can be read as a standalone.

If you don’t fancy reading it then sharing it with anyone who might would be amazing.

Here’s the blurb:

Everything was as it should be. Leah was worried about her upcoming exams and her future, when everything went wrong.
Alone. Confined.
They made it seem like it was all nothing to worry about until she saw it with her own eyes. Death seemed imminent at any moment.
With her two best friends in tow, will she ever make it to her family inside the Safe Zone or will she die trying?

Free book! The System (The Bubo Series Book 1) by Jess Peters

So this isn’t a review, but a promotion of my book which will be free for a few days!

Daniel wants to contribute to society and help save humanity. To do so, he must pass the system.

The plague returned, but this time, it mutated. Millions have died. The safe zone was created to protect those who survived. They are working towards a cure so that humanity will once again, be free to live their lives outside.

The System is helping this dream to come true. The System seeks to save.

The System (The Bubo Series Book 1) will be free this week for 5 days.

This will be from Wednesday, June 13th. until Sunday, June 17th.
The start and end time will be a 12am PDT on these dates.

Go grab yourself a copy!
Available worldwide on Amazon. Check your local amazon website.

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