About me


Hi, I’m Jess.

Engineer by day, Author and keen reader in my spare time.

I write PNR, and dark contemporary romance.

Alchemy Academy (Book 1) – completed series.

An upper YA magic academy romance series!


Alchemy Academy: Shadow Cove (Book 2)

Alchemy Academy: Champions Secret (Book 3)

Alchemy Academy: Destiny’s End (Book 4)

Riverside Warrior (Riverside Docks Crew Book 1) -Completed series.

The first book in a reverse harem, dark romance series, featuring dark themes and gang violence.


Shattered Soul (Riverside Docks Crew Book 2)

Rekindled Hearts (Riverside Docks Crew Book 3)

Scarred Love (Riverside Docks Crew Book 4)

Captured (Dark Empire Book 1)

A dark Mafia menage romance series.


Bound By Shadows (The Wielders Book 1)

You can follow me for news and updates on twitter @J_Peters_author or alternatively, search for my Facebook page (Jess Peters Author).

Join my new reader group on facebook where you can discuss all things book related with other readers. You will get to see teasers, release dates, ARCs and giveaways. You’re welcome to invite your friends too.
Jess Peters’ Reader Warriors

Find all of my social links here:

I love reading. I read whenever I can and I don’t go anywhere without my kindle.

I love reading dystopian/ post apocalyptic books as well as fantasy Academy books. I also enjoy bully romances or anything with magic in them. I also love dark contemporary romances, mafia and reverse harem books. I do sometimes steer away from these genres though with some sci-fi and the occasional ghost story.

I always leave reviews for all the books I read, so I thought, why not offer to review people’s books. That is why I have this blog.

When I’m not reading or working, you can normally find me spending time with my cats. I’m a crazy cat lady with 5 cats now. Louis, Pumba, Willow and Mila. I often take Louis for walks. We live near the New Forest (uk) so we’re enjoying exploring all the wonderful places to walk. I also have a tortoise called Bernard.

You can find them on Instagram : @lordlouis_persian and @bernard_tortoise

Yes, they are for my pets. They are awesome. Check out some photos of Louis below.

Check out my reviewing guidelines before getting in contact with me. I try to accept all that I can, but bare with me. I can only read one at a time.

I suggest you check the stats below if you want to submit a book to me. I think they’re actually quite interesting.

Follow the link to see my review statistics:


Jess’s ReaderRank
Jess has reviewed 409 books with an average rating of 4.802 out of 5.
22 people have found Jess’s written reviews to be helpful on Goodreads.
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Top 1% based on reading volume

Top 1% based on reading volume

Top 20% in Science Fiction

Top 20% in Science Fiction

Top 20% in self published books

Top 20% in self published books

Top 25% in Young Adult

Top 25% in Young Adult

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Top 50% in Urban

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One thought on “About me

  1. Your cats are beautiful. I’m “Mom” to four rescue cats, although I can’t get any of them to wear a collar.


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