About me


Hi, I’m Jess.

Aircraft Engineer by day, Author and keen reader in my spare time.

I write YA and upper YA mostly.

Alchemy Academy

Alchemy Academy: Shadow Cove (Book 2)

Alchemy Academy: Champions Secret (Book 3)

Also out:

The Demise (A Bubo Series Novella)

The System (The Bubo Series Book 1)

You can follow me for news and updates on twitter @J_Peters_author or alternatively, search for my Facebook page (Jess Peters Author).

I love reading. I read whenever I can and I don’t go anywhere without my kindle.

I love reading YA dystopian/ post apocalyptic books as well as fantasy Academy books. I also enjoy bully romances and anything with magic in them. I do sometimes steer away from these genres though with some sci-fi and the occasional ghost story.

I always leave reviews for all the books I read, so I thought, why not offer to review people’s books. That is why I have this blog.

When I’m not reading or working, you can normally find me spending time with my cats, Louis and Hugo. I often take Louis for walks. We’ve recently moved near the New Forest (uk) so we’re enjoying exploring all the wonderful places to walk. I also have a tortoise called Bernard.

You can find them on Instagram : @lordlouis_persian, @hugo_mrgrumpy and @bernard_tortoise

Yes, they are for my pets. They are awesome. Check out some photos of them below.

Check out my reviewing guidelines before getting in contact with me. I try to accept all that I can, but bare with me. I can only read one at a time.

I suggest you check the stats below if you want to submit a book to me. I think they’re actually quite interesting.

Follow the link to see my review statistics:


Jess’s ReaderRank
Jess has reviewed 301 books with an average rating of 4.774 out of 5.
18 people have found Jess’s written reviews to be helpful on Goodreads.
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Top 5% based on reading volume
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