Review guidelines


I’m willing to read and review books.

I accept Mobi copies and pdf’s. Alternatively, I have Kindle Unlimited so if your book is indeed on there, I can download it from that.

I accept dark/taboo romance, RH romance and billionaire romances. Anything with BDSM and mafia is accepted too. I also accept paranormal romance and magic academy books. Dystopian and post appocalyptic books may be accepted as well.

If you are outside of the genre, you can still submit. I have read some outside of those stated. There is just no guarantee that I will accept it, and most likely a big chance I will end up declining. No harm in trying though.

I don’t like giving bad reviews in the same way that I’m sure you don’t like receiving them. That is why I won’t accept a book unless I am pretty sure I can get through it and hopefully enjoy it.

My reviews are normally short but sweet. I get straight to the point with what I like or dislike and whether I’d recommend it.

5* means I love it and would recommend it.
4* means I liked it but there was maybe something minor which I wasn’t so keen on. I’d recommend it.
3* means it was ok but had some errors. Some parts didn’t grab me. I’d still recommend it but wouldn’t go around talking about it.
2* means it’s ok but not to my taste. There were errors and issues with the storyline and editing.
1* means I hated it and would not recommend it. Probably struggled to finish it if I even did.

If I did not finish it, I will not post a review on amazon. I will however still post here on my blog and justify why I couldn’t finish it. I’ll still post a rated review on Goodreads.

I will justify my ratings.
I post a written review on Amazon and a rated review on Goodreads with a link to my blog. I will also post my review on this blog as well. I normally share a link to my blog on Twitter as well.

So far, I’ve never rated a book I’ve read lower than a 3*, and that’s even been very rare. Again, I tend to only accept books which I am pretty sure I will like.

Email me at if you’d like me to read and review your book.

I will probably take some time to get to it but I try to get through them all at some point.

I’m on a few ARC teams which I prioritise, so I may take a little while to get to your book. I’m still accepting books though as my list isn’t a particularly long one, but it’s just taking some time, so be aware of that.

If I don’t reply, take it that I have declined. I won’t take on a book which I know I won’t enjoy. There’s no point in me reading it just to give you a bad review and I’m pretty sure you would rather not have that either. Don’t take it personally that I have ignored you. I don’t have time to reply to all those I decline as I get a large number of requests.

Please include the blurb, genre and a link to your book on Amazon in the email. If you don’t, I will simply ignore the email.

You can find all my reviews on my Amazon profile here:

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