Surviving The Evacuation, Book 14: Mort Vivant by Frank Tayell

This book is the 14th in the Surviving The Evacuation series.

It follows a group of survivors after a zombie outbreak.

Survivors from across the Atlantic seaboard took refuge on the Welsh island of Anglesey. Beset by dangers from within, they departed to establish a new refuge in Belfast. Not all of them arrived. Six took the last plane on its last flight, but crashed in France.

This book follows Bill, Chester, Sorcha Locke and the others on the plane after they crash land in France.

I absolutely love this series. The overall storyline is covering the characters in their respective areas and situations. After having the last book giving away absolutely nothing about what happened to Bill and Chester, it was great to have this book back with them.

I liked how the plot developed and it moved at a good pace as usual. There is a nice balance between zombie action and the actual characters and their situation. It was great to get an idea of what France is like after the outbreak.

I love the characters. Throughout the books, we have really gotten to know Bill, and this book just built in that.

I did like how this book was as much Chester’s story as it was Bills. I normally prefer these books being written in first person, but this book not being so made Chester’s part come across a lot more. He was telling his own story as much as Bill was telling his.

After everything we know about Sorcha, I wasn’t keen on her. During this book however, she started to grow on me. I want to believe she can be trusted besides what her past would have you believe.

I’m looking forward to where the story will lead next and whether the book will move to other characters again. It has been a while since we’ve heard from London so I’d quite like to know how that situation is going.

This series definitely needs to be read in order. I don’t think the storylines would make sense otherwise. I would recommend this series. It is a brilliant zombie apocalyptic series.

My rating: 5/5*

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