Little Lies (The Child Thief #4) by Bella Forrest

This is the 4th book in The Child Thief series.

It follows on from book 3, and follows Robin, Jace and the rest of the group from OH+. They learn more about Little John and Nathan’s plans.

I absolutely love this series. I find it quite unique in it’s premise and story concept of children being practically stolen from the poor and sold on to the rich. It moves at a fast pace with plenty on action and excitement.

The plot moved and developed well as the story progressed. We are learning more and more with each book in the series. Robin and Jace’s worlds are growing far more complex.

I love the characters. Robin is turning in to a leader. She’s continuing to be a strong and fierce character, but is still having plenty of character development with each mission she is experiencing and with each situation they find themselves in. I also like all the other characters. Each one adds to the story and we are also learning more about them and the plot develops.

This is the first book in which we learn more about Nathan and who he really is. The connection to Little John also becomes more clear. It was great to read and find out about.

Overall, this book was great to read and added to the series brilliantly. It moves at a great pace, the characters and great and I love the storyline.

I would definitely recommend reading this series.

My rating: 5/5*

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