The Exception (The Advent Trilogy book 3) by Terry Schott

This book is the conclusion to The Advent Trilogy.

It began in the Ward and continued in the Source. Now see how it all ends in the Exception.

Will Alex and Gudrun succeed, or has centuries of planning, scheming and manipulation been for nothing?

I enjoyed reading this book. It is written in typical Terry Schott style.

It moved at a good pace, the plot developed well, it was exciting and the characters were great.

The idea behind all the different simulations and wards was great. You can see the similarities to Terry Schott’s, The Game is Life series, but yet, the storyline is very different and unique.

New plot twists amd questions just kept coming up as the series progressed, and by the end, they were mostly answered. The Epilogue at the end threw a whole different twist in the mix though. It was a good way to end it. Unexpected and exciting.

I would definitely recommend this series. It definitely needs to be read in order though. It has a brilliant storyline and great characters. The plot is clever and well thought out.

My rating: 5/5*

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