Surviving The Evacuation, Book 15: Where There’s Hope by Frank Tayell

This is the 15th book in the series.

Northern France is a frozen morass of mud and snow across which rampages a horde of the undead, a hundred million strong. That won’t stop Chester Carson and his comrades. Seeking a way across the Channel, they make for the coast, unaware that Britain has been abandoned, Belfast is a ruin, and that radiation is seeping into the Irish Sea. If they knew, that wouldn’t stop them either. They’re on a quest to save their family, their friends, and humanity itself; failure is not an option.
As they journey through war-ravaged ports and storm-wrecked beaches, a new truth becomes clear. The flotilla that found refuge on Anglesey wasn’t the only group of sea-borne refugees to have survived the outbreak. There are other survivors. Some good, some evil, some just determined to do their duty no matter the cost.

Danger lurks along the French and Belgian coasts. So do answers, and hope that humanity now has a future.

I enjoy following this series, and enjoy the storyline and characters, but this one was just that little bit slower than the previous books.

I felt this book rounded up where some of the previous books left off, which I liked. It was nice to see some of Nilda’s story, along with Bill’s and Chester’s. It’s made way for the future books nicely.

I like reading the different interactions between everyone. There is a huge cast of characters in these books overall, and they all started out in different places. It’s just nice when they all end up together.

There’s just the right amount of balance in these books of living people and interactions, politics, danger, and zombies.

I’m looking forward to the next book, and seeing where the story will head next. I would definitely recommend this series for anyone who likes a good zombie book, although ot definitely needs to be read from book 1 and in order.

My rating: 4/5*



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