The Chosen (Children of the Prime Book 1) by T. C. Edge

This is a spin off of The Enhanced series and the first is The Children of the Prime series.

Amber’s life on the Fringe is simple. Serve those above her, keep her highly unpopular opinions to herself, and above all…don’t stir things up.

Unfortunately, for a girl with fire in her blood, that’s not easy.

On the day of Collection, when all towns across the Fringe give tribute to those they serve, Amber’s world turns upside down. A dark secret from her past is revealed, and her sister taken into a life of slavery.

Suddenly, Amber finds herself setting off on a perilous journey she never anticipated, venturing to the heart of the ruling city of Olympus with her best friend, Jude, to get her sister back. Facing great odds, and men and women of strange and mystical power, Amber must quickly adapt to survive.

And, more importantly, save those she loves.

Will she succeed in reuniting her family, or fall into darkness?

This book was a brilliant addition to The Enhanced world. The storyline was great, the plot developed well and I like the characters.

Amber is an interesting character. She’s so stubborn which has ultimately, gotten her into the position she found herself in. She doesn’t agree with worshiping those of Olympus, and so speaks out about it without meaning to and knowing it will get her in trouble. She doesn’t think before she speaks. I think she is learning the hard way though and I’m interested in seeing her character develop.

Amber’s relationship with Jude was nice to read. They both wanted to protect eachother. Jude is a very brave character, especially since he knows it’s Amber’s fault they end up where they do. His love for her though is more important and so, he sticks with her.

Overall, this book was enjoyable and I’m looking forward to the next. I would definitely recommend reading it.

My rating: 5/5*

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