Elf Doubt (Elf Mastery book 2) by Bryant Reil

This is the second book in the Elf Mastery series.

Several weeks ago, Kyla saved the world.

Or did she? Though Erebus, god of darkness, remains trapped in Kyla’s care, the world has fallen into disarray. Former followers of Erebus roam as bandits and desperate refugees struggle to survive. The people of the World of Order doubt King Oberon’s reports of Erebus’ defeat.

Meanwhile, a mysterious patron has imposed herself on Kyla’s life and sends her on a series of dangerous assignments. Can Kyla cope with the discovery of her patron’s true identity? And who can she trust when the World of Order falls into chaos?

As the world falls apart and the wicked struggle to claim control of it, Kyla must keep herself together against the pain of her own internal struggles.

The storyline is great, the plot develops well and I enjoyed reading this book.

I like the characters. I still like Eunoe and Aspen the most. They both have great personalities and are always the voice of reason amongst Kylas crazy adventures.

Kyla is a great main character, but once again, she is still childish. It is just in her character to be such which is fine, but sometimes she just doesn’t think about what she is about to do. Her character is what makes the story what it is though, but once again, she would never be where she is without her friends, and various other characters there to always save the day.

I really love the wide range of characters which come in all shapes of forms. There are so many creatures and each one is described well. For me, that is what makes this story special.

Once again, the one thing that I did find annoying are the layout of the characters. One minute, it’s following Kyla, the next, it’s following someone else. I would prefer each character having a separate chapters. I can also understand why there are multiple characters plots in the same chapter, and the point of view in which is is written does mean it works. It’s still just a personal preference though as I find the changeovers a bit abrupt.

Overall, the story is great and I would definitely recommend reading this series. I’m definitely interested in reading the next book and finding out where the story goes next.

My rating: 4/5*

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