V Games: Fresh From The Grave (The Vampire Games Book 2) by Caroline Peckham

This is the second book in the Vampire Games series.
Selena Grey has faced death and won. Freedom awaits so long as she can let go of the last thing that ties her to the island where the V Games were held. But despite the fact surviving has always been her priority, suddenly, she finds herself torn between her head and her heart.
Meanwhile, the Helsings are about to host a brand new game on the Isle of Lidelse where blood and money rule above all else. But when Selena finds out a devastating truth that puts her loyalty to the test, will she find the courage to go on? Or will she retreat from a life she never wanted, even if that means giving up the one person her heart beats for?

I’m thoroughly enjoying reading this series. I’ve never had any interest in Vampire books until I discovered Caroline Peckham, and I’m sure glad I did.

This book is exciting, well paced and action packed and with great characters.

I love Varick. He has all the Vampire instincts and is a monster, but with Selena, he becomes something more. His willingness to protect her is enjoyable to read and its good to see their relationship develop.

Selena herself is a great main character. She has a good heart and tries to help everyone.

These second games were even more exciting to read than the first, especially towards to end. I liked how the plot developed. The new characters introduced added to the storyline well.

Overall, I’m really enjoying reading this series. I’m looking forward to the next book and seeing how the plot develops further. I would definitely recommend this series.

My rating: 5/5*

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