Dragon Fire Academy 1 – First Term by Rachel Jonas

This is the first book in the Dragon Fire Academy series.

Seriously? Four dragon warriors need to stalk my every move?

I get it. They think I’m dangerous, but I’m only on their island to learn. Not to destroy it.

This is another unfortunate side-effect of being the freak who descended from all three supernatural lineages. The bloodthirsty dragons, the destructive wolves, and the disloyal witches. Some believe that, when I transition in a few months, there’s a slight, teeny tiny chance I could unleash hell on the supernatural world. Call me crazy, but I’d know if I harbored that kind of power inside me.

… Wouldn’t I?

My entire life, all I’ve wanted was to be normal. Hence the reason I didn’t think twice about trading in my crown for a stack of books. I’ve got three terms on this island to prove the naysayers wrong, including my chaperones—Kai, Ori, Paulo, and Rayen.

These four are gorgeous, but also ominous as heck. Babysitting me has clearly taken their focus off something they’ve deemed more important. So, now they go out of their way to make my life a living hell, with hopes that I’ll give up and leave.

Thanks, guys.

You could cut the tension between us with a knife, but what’s weird is I don’t hate them all the time. There are even odd moments when I catch them watching me. And not in their usual “wish-you-were-dead” sort of way.

Even if I survive the academy, there’s still no guarantee these four and I won’t kill each other before graduation.

I enjoyed reading this book. The storyline was great and the characters were great.

Noelle was a great character. Whereas she may have been royalty, she didn’t act as such. It was refreshing to have such a strong, brave princess really. I liked how she was different because of her gifts. We saw glimpses of them as the plot progressed, and I’m looking forward to seeing more about them in the next book, especially after the ending.

The 4 dragon warriors were also great characters. They’re introduced as strong warriors who act like they’re better than everyone else, but as the story developed, we learn there is far more to them. Each one had their own personality and circumstance.

I liked how every so often we had a point of view from one of them. It was another view into the story which was needed, especially at the end.

The world building was brilliant in this book. The island is so different in their ways, but as Noelle learnt about it, we did too.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book. The storyline was great, the plot developed well and the characters were great.

My rating: 5/5*

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