The Gender Game by Bella Forrest

This is the first book in The Gender Game series.

A toxic river divides nineteen-year-old Violet Bates’s world by gender.
Women rule the East. Men rule the West.

Welcome to the lands of Matrus and Patrus.

Ever since the disappearance of her beloved younger brother, Violet’s life has been consumed by an anger she struggles to control. Already a prisoner to her own nation, now she has been sentenced to death for her crimes.

But one decision could save her life.

To enter the kingdom of Patrus, where men rule and women submit.

Everything about the patriarchy is dangerous for a rebellious girl like Violet. She cannot break the rules if she wishes to stay alive. But abiding by rules has never been her strong suit, and when she is thrust into more danger than she could have ever predicted, Violet is forced to sacrifice many things in the forbidden kingdom … including forbidden love.

In a world divided by gender, only the strongest survive…

I read this series a while back but never reviewed it, and I’m currently listening to the audiobook and thought I’d review it this time.

I really enjoyed this book. The storyline was great and the characters were great.

Violet is a great character. The situation she’s in isn’t her fault. It unfortunate accidents which have happened. After agreeing to Matrus’ offer, she really doesn’t fit in over in Patrus.

I love how she gets to know Viggo, and I love the natural chemistry between them. Her feelings make her question why she’s doing what she’s doing with Lee.

Lee’s a sneaky bugger. He has the plan all ready for Violet and himself, and they execute it. Then at the end, he really surprises you.

I loved reading, and listening to this book. It an exciting YA dystopian. I love the characters and the storyline is good.

I’m looking forward to moving onto the next one in the series, and I would definitely recommend this book.

My rating: 5/5*

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