The Billionaire’s Sub by M.S. Parker

This is the first book in the series.

Moving to Hollywood after graduation was supposed to be my first step into the adult world, a chance for me to live life on my terms. It’d worked for my older sister. I just hadn’t realized how much until she shared her darkest secret with me.

When twenty-one year-old Hanna Breckenridge moves across the country to take a job as her sister’s business manager, she has no idea the culture shock she’s in for. When billionaire Cross Phillips approaches her, she’s flattered, only to find out that he’d been interested for reasons far different than anything Hanna would’ve imagined. When things take a dangerous turn, she’s forced to decide just how much she can trust this gorgeous man.

I enjoyed reading this book. The characters were great and I liked the storyline.

I liked the plot with Hanna’s sister and the revelation about her bedroom preferences. Ultimately, it led to Hanna getting to know Cross.

I loved watching her relationship with Cross grow and develop. He was a great character and I liked the balance between the plot with her sister and her growth and learning with Cross. I think they were great together and I loved watching their feelings develop.

The ending was great with Hanna telling her sister about Cross and their relationship. It was great to see them all happy together.

Overall, this book was a nice quick, easy read with great characters and a good plot. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series. I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

Power Trip (Twin Billionaires book 1) by M. T. Stone

This is the first book in the Twin Billionaires series.

I know she will be mine, the moment my eyes meet hers

A briefcase full of cash in one hand and documents that could land me in prison in the other, but all I can focus on is how she moves in that tight fitting dress. No longer on task, my mind is now reeling with questions. Who is this woman? What is she doing here? More importantly, where has she been all of my life?

Stepping onto his private jet, I have only one thing in mind… Revenge. I need to distract him just long enough to gather the key piece of evidence that currently resides in his left hand. By the time we reach cruising altitude, however, things are quickly spinning out of control. I suddenly find myself on my knees, between his… this was definitely not part of my plan!

As her master plan begins to fall apart, a more sinister and deadly plot emerges. Can two jaded souls put the past behind them and find solace in one another? Or will it turn out to be another heart-wrenching case of lost love?

I enjoyed reading this book. The characters are great and the storyline is good. The plot also developed at a good pace.

Mandy is a great character. She ended up with Trey for a purpose, and had every intention of seeing it through until she got to know him. Both of their families have history, but she was willing to get to know him. They had a clear spark and connection from the start.

Trey was a good character too. Considering his background, he came across really nice and decent. I liked the fact that this book had a duel point of view because seeing everything from both of thir views made a difference to the plot.

Liv was really annoying and I was glad to see her go. I’m intrigued at how Trey’s brother is going to play into things because I get the impression that there’s more going on than we know.

The plot was good. I like it when there’s a clear storyline on top of the romance. I’m intrigued to see where it’s going to go with his father’s murder, and then with the news Mandys dad threw at him at the end. I’m hoping that isn’t true.

Overall, I enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it. I’m looking forward to the next one.

My rating: 5/5*

Alchemy Academy!

Alchemy Academy (Book 1) free until Monday!

Book 1 of an upper YA magic academy romance series!

Welcome to Alchemy Academy.
We’ll give you the building blocks to harness your natural power and control your magic. You’ll learn to let the waters flow and let the fire burn strong, to let the earth shake and the winds blow. The only limit is yourself.

I was never meant to be on this island, but my own curiosity got the better of me. The Shadowmaster let me stay for whatever reason. Everyone seems to be able to do magic, except me.
Yes, magic is indeed real.
I don’t belong here.
But I’m Roxy. I make the best of any situation and this one will be no different.

Alchemy Academy: Shadow Cove (Book 2)

Alchemy Academy: Champions Secret (Book 3) is up for pre-order and releases on 2nd October.


November is starting and once again, I’m talking part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).

I’ll be working on my new project, Alchemy Academy. Hopefully I make 50k this year. You can follow my daily progress on twitter (J_Peters_author).

As a result of taking on this challenge, my reading time will be reduced meaning I’ll get less reviews done, so bare with me.

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The System (The Bubo Series Book 1).

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Everything was as it should be. Leah was worried about her upcoming exams and her future, when everything went wrong.
Alone. Confined.
They made it seem like it was all nothing to worry about until she saw it with her own eyes. Death seemed imminent at any moment. They say the plague has mutated and it is after many victims.
With her two best friends in tow, will she ever make it to her family inside the Safe Zone or will she die trying?

Free book! The System (The Bubo Series Book 1) by Jess Peters

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Daniel wants to contribute to society and help save humanity. To do so, he must pass the system.

The plague returned, but this time, it mutated. Millions have died. The safe zone was created to protect those who survived. They are working towards a cure so that humanity will once again, be free to live their lives outside.

The System is helping this dream to come true. The System seeks to save.

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