Survive (The Atlantis Grail book 4) by Vera Nazarian

This is the 4th and final book in The Atlantis Grail series.

Gwen Lark knows how to Qualify, Compete, and Win…
The time has come to Survive.

The Games of the Atlantis Grail have come to a ground-shaking halt and Gwen Lark, nerd, geek, and awkward smart girl, survived the remarkable ordeal, for the time being.

But the worst is yet to come!

Now, both the colony planet Atlantis and Earth are under a threat of annihilation, and everything is up in the air, including dire and stunning wonders in the Atlantean skies.

Will there be a Wedding? Will there be a future for Gwen Lark, her beloved, and all their families, friends, and loved ones?

Is Gwen’s rare and powerful talent, the Logos voice of creation, enough to resolve the greatest mystery of the Kassiopei Imperial Dynasty and its role in the events of deepest antiquity since the dawn of time?

The fate of the entire human species is at stake, and now there can be no respite, not a moment to lose. The final battle is here, and Gwen, and everyone she knows and loves, are in for the greatest fight of their lives.

It is time to survive.

This book was an intense emotional rollercoaster and I absolutely loved it.

I try and make my reviews spoiler free, but it’s going to be a littke tricky for this one, but I’ll try.

The storyline was brilliant and the plot developed well and not in the way which I’d expected. I’m sad that this was the final book.

I love the characters. Aeson is the best thing to come out of this series. I absolutely love him.

Gwen has been through so much in the story and each time she has come through the other end stronger. This book was no different. Ultimately, she played a big part in the end.

I was so excited to read the wedding and it definitely lived up to my expectations. The build up and events happening beforehand were brilliant, and also the things which went wrong were well placed. I kept saying to myself that nothing better get in the way of this wedding. It was exciting to read.

I loved all the other characters. We really got to know all of them in their own ways. The Astra Daimon, Aesons family, Gwens family and her friends. Each person was relevant in one way or another and played a part.

I felt like the Imperator had a massive character development from what he was like at the beginning of Win, to the end of this book. It definitely surprised me and I was actually quite happy with how it all turned out.

The interactions between Aesons family and Gwens family were brilliant to read.

The descriptions are brilliant and you can’t fault them. You can really picture the planet and even more so the space parts. It’s brilliant.

The storyline towards the end was nothing like how I’d expected. I loved the role the Pegasus played. It was imaginative and exciting to read. The whole ending in general was great, yet not how I expected. They were definitely not what I expected them to be.

All loose ends were definitely cleared up, although I would have liked a little more to the Epilogue, but that might also be me not wanting it to end. I’m actually glad that this book was super long. The little moments were necessary within with overall plot.

I savoured every part of this story from Qualify to the end of this. It’s my favourite series and I’d definitely recommend it. I’m quite sad that it’s over because I could read about Aeson all the time.

This series is just absolutely fantastic.

My rating: 5/5*

Magic Gambit (Hidden World Academy Book 3) by Sadie Moss

This is the third and final book in the Hidden World series.

Okay, so things have gotten a little bit crazy around here.

The good news is, we know what we’re up against now.

The bad news? I don’t know if we stand a chance.

I have absolutely loved reading this series. The characters are brilliant, the storyline is great and the plot developed well.

Gabbi has been brilliant from the start. She has grown in to this strong person who’s adapted to this strange life she never know existed. I’ve loved reading her journey.

The boys have been brilliant too. Each of them has their own unique features, yet they have worked so well with Gabbi. Their connection was great to read.

The storyline was brilliant. It was a good end to the series, and I loved how it concluded for everyone.

I loved how Roxie ended up in this book. I felt like we really got to know her just through what Gabbi experienced, but having her turn up more in this book was great to read. They may look alike, but their personalities are so different.

The ending was very satisfying for everyone. I’m sad that the series has ended, but at least it’s ended in the best possible way.

Overall, I have absolutely loved reading this series. The storyline has been great and the characters are brilliant. I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 5/5*

Savage Fae (Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac Book 2) by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

This is the second book in the Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac series.

There’s more to my brother’s murder than I realised…

Shadows in the halls, mysteries lurking around every corner.

Whoever killed him is covering their tracks well.

And now I’m walking a dangerous line between getting close to the four kings for information and wanting to crawl deeper under their skin for my own desires.

I can’t trust anyone.

I can’t let my guard down.

And I must keep the urges of my body separate from my heart.

But I’m starting to break all of my own rules.

I just hope I’m not falling for my brother’s killer

I love this world. This series is a spin off of the Zodiac Academy series. It’s great to see this side of it, the rougher class compared to the upper class of Zodiac Academy.

The characters are brilliant, the storyline is great and the plot is developing well.

I love Elise. She’s such a strong character. Strong in strength and strong willed. I’m enjoying reading her journey in investing her brothers death.

The boys are great too. We’re starting to see the depths of them in this book. I quite like them all now although I would like to see her give in to Gabriel more.

The storyline is great. There’s a bigger plot unravelling with the Black Card and with what happened to her at the end of the last book, but also with both the gangs and the end of this book.

Her brothers death might be driving her, and may be whaf she’s looking for, but there is far more to the story. I’m starting to think that all 4 of them didn’t murder Gareth.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this series. The world building is incredible. The characters are great and the storyline is enjoyable to read.

My rating: 5/5*

Magic Chase (Hidden World Academy Book 2) by Sadie Moss

This is the second book in the Hidden World Academy series.

This thing isn’t over yet…

I spent an entire semester trying to get back to the Dull World, but now that I’m here, I realize it’s not that simple. I can’t just go back to the way things were.

For one thing, I left my heart with three gorgeous, incredible men, and I miss them so much it hurts.

For another thing, Roxie didn’t swap places with me on purpose this time.

Someone took her.

That means she’s in danger, and I might be too.

Maybe the smartest thing would be to just keep my head down, try to rebuild my life here, and forget I ever went to the Hidden World.

But, come on. We all know I’m not gonna do that, right?

I loved reading this book. The storyline is brilliant, the plot developed well and the characters are great.

Gabbi is a brilliant character. She continues to develop and I love the change in her since the beginning. The boys have brought out the best in her and vice versa.

I feel like we’re also really getting to know Roxie as the story progresses. The glimpses Gabbi gets of her during the swaps and then trying to figure out what’s happening is really building a picture of her.

I’m finding myself really hoping that Gabbi amd Roxie get to meet somehow.

The boys are all great and kind lf feeing a bit jealous of the attention Gabbi is receiving from them. Guess that’s when you know it’s a good book.

I love how all three of them are so different, but are able to work together.

I loved the ending and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. Overall, I would definitely recommend this series. The concept behind it is brilliant and I love the characters. The storyline is exciting and well paced.

My rating: 5/5*

Demon of Mine (The Devil Heart Boys Book 1) by Caroline Peckham

This is there first book in the series although it can be read as a standalone as well.

Jack Mandeville just became my worst enemy and cruellest nightmare.
He hates the world.
Hates blondes.
But most of all, he hates me.

The worst thing about all of that? I have to live with him.

When my life falls apart and I’m taken in by the father of the devil himself in one of the most prestigious parts of London, I quickly discover there’s something seriously strange about Mandeville Place. Something supernatural.

My dreams are disturbed by dark spirits. And it sounds totally mad, but I’m certain something in this house is pushing me toward the boy who’s sworn to make my life a living hell if I don’t keep away from him.

Avoiding him at school is not easy. Him and his intimidating friends run this place, including every student and teacher in it. They’ve already turned the whole school against me and I know if I step a toe out of line things are going to get much worse.

I have to figure out what the ghostly presence in the house is trying to tell me. But that means discovering how far Jack will go to keep me away.

I enjoyed reading this book. It had a good mix of paranormal, mystery and romance. The story was great, the plot developed well and the characters were great.

Elle was a good character. She went through so much, yet managed to stay strong and came out of it better. She learnt things about herself which she didn’t even know.

Jack was also a great character. We saw him go in a full circle. The tough jerk who evidently has a soft side.

The romance between them was great to see develop. From hate to love.

I also enjoyed the paranormal mystery involved. Crime, demons and ghosts. This book had it all.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book.

My rating: 5/5*