Closed Hearts (Mindjack: Kira Book 2) by Susan Kaye Quinn

This book picks up 8 months after the previous one. Kira has tried getting on with a normal life after telling the world the truth about Mindjackers. Her family and herself have had to move and change names after being attacked in their home. She wonders is telling the truth was the right thing.

This book was at a much faster pace than the first. It was event after event the whole way through. Raf and herself end up in Jackertown against their will after he collapses in her arms. Kira is forced into breaking into FBI agent Kestrel’s experimental torture chamber for jackers.

Various things in this story help to develop Kira’s character. She is already a stronger person after the first book and she just continues to develop further. I like her character and the vulnerability she has at times. One girl changed life for Mindjackers already. Can she really be expected to do more?

I liked the new characters involved and how mysterious they were, particularly Julian. It’s great to see different Mindjackers and see what they can and can’t do. Everyone is their own individual in this book.

I liked getting to know her Dad more in this book. He was absent most of the first and became a complicated mystery. He still seems to end up on conflicting sides at times, but I do believe he just wants the best for Kira.

The ending was tough. I found it unexpected. I’m looking forward seeing what she is going to do about that situation as I don’t believe she will just let it go like she is making us think.

Overall, I’m looking forward to the next book. This book was definitely better than the first. I would definitely recommend checking this series out.

My rating: 5/5*

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