The Amplified (The Amplified Trilogy book 1) by Lauren M. Flauding

This book is the first one of The Amplified Trilogy.

15-year-old Mari Quillen is about to become invincible. Just like everyone else.

She has been waiting to receive her Amplifier for years. It’s a small device which makes the wearer be able to do almost anything. Limitless capabilities through verbal commands, but once she finally becomes Amplified and begins mandatory Training with the rest of her peers, she begins to see that her natural ability to resist and act for herself brings dangerous consequences, as well as unwanted scrutiny from Governor Plenaris, the Community’s most revered official.

I enjoyed this book. It had a good concept behind the story with the idea of the Amplifer.

It moved at a good fast pace and the plot developed well throughout and I liked the characters.

Mari was an interesting character. She is the voice of reason surrounded by people who just do as they’re told. At times, I did feel like she needed a good shake. She knew she was being watched, at yet, still kept trying to win everything and effectively, be better than everyone else which was the one thing she was told she can’t do.

I did like her will power and her ability to just do what she felt was right.

I liked the overall storyline, but was surprised by her decision at the end. I was expecting the outcome to happen, but not the way in which it did. I’m definitely interested in seeing what happens in the next book.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book based on it’s good storyline, interesting concept and good characters.

My rating: 5/5*


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