The Seekers Of Knight (The Seekers Trilogy book 2) by T. C. Edge

This is the second book in The Seekers Trilogy  and essentially, the 5th book in The Watchers series.

Theo, Ajax, and the twins have managed to escape the destruction of Baron Reinhold’s compound. They’ve done so by defeating the powerful Knight’s Terror in the process, and have escaped with the secret file that might just give them the answers they’re looking for.

Together, the two generations of heroes will come together against a foe greater than any they’ve faced before. And with their resources dwindling, and their enemies closing in, the odds seem stacked against them.

For Theo, it’s time to step up. To step out of the shadows cast by his parents, and join them in the light. The only question is: is he up to the task?

I really enjoyed this book and found is better than the first. It moved at a good fast, exciting pace, the storyline was great and the characters have continued to be good.

Theo and Ajax have started to come into their own in this book and have significantly stepped up to the tasks they are faced with. They are definitely trying to be noticed for who they are, and not who their parents are. They also want to contribute helping the problems they face.

I also loved the fact that Cyra and Jackson had a big input in this book. I think that them being part of the storyline has made all the difference and especially for Theo and Ajax to see their parents truly in action.

The storyline was great and the plot developed well. There was plenty of action right from the start. It also definitely had a dramatic ending.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the series will conclude in the next book. Overall, I would definitely recommend it. I would say that it needs to be read in order, starting with The Watchers series.

My rating : 5/5*

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