The Death Messenger by Henry Taba

Westcliffe Patel is in his early thirties, living alone with a decent job in a small town. When he just began to have a glimpse of joy, he has a car accident. And thereafter, a whisper of sinister voice haunted him—telling him a message. Assuming it is just an illusion or the effect from the accident, he continues his accustomed life. But when the ominous message is confirmed by the death of his friend—the unexplained death mystery quickly clings to his mind…

Besides, the death has confirmed his imaginary demon which he thought ain’t real. He soon receives the death message of his girlfriend, he has no choice but just to dive deeper to investigate before he could avert his girlfriend from becoming a victim. How can Westcliffe stop the demon when he has never met it? Consequently, his life is never the same again.

This book has a good, enjoyable storyline, it moved at a nice steady pace and had good characters.

I enjoyed reading it. The storyline was well thought out and I liked the idea of the death messenger and the demon.

Westcliffe was a great character. It was great reading his story from the start being a normal guy, then metting Adel and falling in live to then being thrown in this world of death and demons. He cared for those he loves and his friends. He started to put his life on the line for people he barely knew.

Benson and Mary were also great characters. I particularly liked Mary. Her story was a sad one, and even more so after reading the last chapter.

The ending was however, satisfying in one aspect, with Jacob, but then with Adel at the end… Lets just say I’m interested in finding out what happens next.

I did spot a few minor mistakes, which for me, didnt affect the book too much. I did however, not like the bold lines which were scattered throughout. What they were trying to get across could have been written a little bit better without making the lines stand out lime they did. I felt it was unnecessary.

Overall, the story was enjoyable and had a good plot, the characters were great and it leaves you wanting to know what happens next. I would definitely recommend it.

My rating: 4/5*

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