Finch Merlin and the Fount of Youth by Bella Forrest

This is the 10th book in the Harley Merlin series, and the first of Finch Merlin.

What’s a guy gotta do to appease an evil god?

It’s been a year since Katherine tried to take over the world, and Finch Merlin is itching to do something other than odd jobs for Erebus, God of Darkness. Erebus promises he’ll free Finch of his servitude after he completes one final task—finding the Fountain of Youth.

Finch has no idea why Erebus wants eternal youth, since the guy is already an immortal being. All the secrecy makes Finch uneasy, but he has no choice but to obey.

He knows he’ll get by with a little help from his friends, namely his old pal Garrett, who’s still dealing with the whole “being resurrected” thing. There’s also Ryann, Harley’s foster sister, now a regular at the San Diego Coven. Whenever she’s around, Finch feels butterflies in his stomach. Or maybe it’s just a bad case of indigestion.

Together, they’ll infiltrate the flashy world of the magical elite in search of a rare artifact, one that will help them capture a poltergeist—the angry ghost of famed adventurer Ponce de León.

Finch’s adventures have only just begun, with plenty of old and new friends… and foes.

I really loved reading this book. I was so happy when I saw that the previous book wasn’t the last, and it’s nice to see these books follow Finch’s adventures.

Finch is a brilliant character. After the events of the previous book, it’s nice to see what has been happening 1 year on. We got to see glimpses of all the other characters, and we’ve seen how the Coven has been. Ultimately, we see what Finch is having to do to please Erebus.

I liked Garrett having a role in this story and a point of view. They were once best friends, and it was nice seeing them both try to rekindle that. It was also nice to see how he is coping after having died and been brought back again.

Saskia was a brilliant addition to the story. She has the spark that Tatyana has, but had her differences too. Her teenage ways were a great contrast to the others.

Overall, I love these books and would definitely recommend them. This book brought a new plot and a new view on things. I’m really looking forward to the next.

My rating: 5/5*

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