Finch Merlin and the Djinn’s curse by Bella Forrest

This is the 12th book in the Harley Merlin series and the 3rd of Finch Merlin.

The lost city lies beyond a locked gateway. But the key is not what it seems…

Now a map-maker extraordinaire, Finch must find the place Erebus so desperately seeks—although the “how” and “why” remain unclear. And a certain vengeful Necromancer is bent on beating Erebus to the punch, and he’d be more than happy to make Finch collateral damage.

With his friends’ lives on the line, Finch will fall back on his old trickster ways to get his hands on the gateway’s key. In secret, he plans to uncover a loophole, a way to end his servitude for good. The answer might lie in Erebus’s past servants and their storied history with the djinn…

The djinn have lost their connection to Erebus, and Raffe doesn’t know how much longer he can cope before his alter ego goes insane. That’s the only reason he agrees to travel halfway across the world to find answers for Finch. Raffe aches to end the djinn curse that threatens his future with Santana, but he’d have to achieve the impossible: separate himself from the demon within.

I absolutely love this series. Everything about it was great and I love the characters.

I love Finch. He is such a good character and is having such a hard, unlucky time with things. I’m glad he’s slowly letting others help him.

Raffe’s point of view in this book was brilliant. Having Kadar as well is what made this book brilliant and I’m glad they got a good chunk of the book. Their storyline in this was brilliant to read and I loved getting an insight to a Djinn. It was also great to have Santana involved.

The plot developed well in this book and I like how Lux has slipped in the story. It’s interesting to see how important the mission is to Erebus, and what he’s willing to lose to get to the end.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this series. The storyline is brilliant, the plot developed well and the characters are brilliant. It’s one of my favourites and this book was a great addition to the series.

My rating: 5/5*

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