Magic Swap (Hidden World Academy Book 1) by Sadie Moss

This is the first book in the Hidden World Academy series.

Mistaken identities, a human in a magical world, and three sexy warlocks. Sounds like the start of a joke, but nope…

It’s my life.

After one too many kamikazes on my twenty-first birthday, I’ve made a few interesting discoveries.

First of all… magic is real.
Secondly… there’s a whole supernatural dimension that exists parallel to ours.
Thirdly… I’ve somehow gotten stuck in that dimension.


There are about a billion things wrong with this picture, including the fact that I don’t actually have any magic. Everyone here thinks I do though. They also think I’m a witch named Roxie, the star student at Radcliffe Magical Academy.

Ummm. Nope. Not me. Sorry.

I don’t know where the hell the real Roxie is, or how I’m supposed to get back home, but I’m determined to find out.

Unfortunately, I keep getting distracted by three hot-as-hell warlocks I can’t seem to avoid. Cross, a snarky bad boy who pushes all my buttons, Theo, an incorrigible flirt with a devastating accent, and Kasian, a teacher’s assistant who’s totally off limits.

Even though I’m drawn to all three of them, I’m not sure I should trust them.

Because if anybody finds out I don’t belong here…

I’m screwed.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The storyline was great, the concept was brilliant and I love the characters.

Gabbi was a great character. She’s literally thrown in to this world and mistaken for Roxie. As it turns out, Roxie is exactly like her, looks wise anyway – her twin from the Hidden world. It was brilliant to see her adapt to this world and try to pick up on what Roxie was really like.

The storyline was really good. We don’t know why Roxie went to the Dull world which got Gabbi swapped in to the Hidden world and we find out Roxie caused more trouble than anyond knows.

I love the three men, Theo, Kasian and Cross. It was interesting to see them be fooled in to thinking she was Roxie, or not fooled as it turns out. It was nice to see their relationships develop and the arrangement they all come too weirdly works out for them.

I thought the descriptions were brilliant on this book. I could picture the facial expressions characters were pulling and picture what was happening.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and would definitely recommend it. The storyline was brilliant, the characters were great and I loved the concept behind the plot.

My rating: 5/5*

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