A Single Kiss (Irresistible Attraction Book 2) by W. Winters

This is the second book in the Irresistible Attraction series.

I should feel shame for not wanting this to end, but he doesn’t want it to end either.
When the darkness sets in, the flames all flickered out, and the loud click of the locks signal it’s over, that’s when reality comes back.
The war. The drugs. All of the lies that leave a tangled web for me to get lost in.
I don’t want any of it.
I only want him. Jase Cross. My enemy. And yet, the only person I trust.
With broad shoulders and a smoldering look in his dark eyes, Jase is a man born to be powerful.
I shouldn’t give him more power than he already has.
Jase Cross will be my downfall.

I enjoyed reading this book. The storyline was good and the characters were great.

Bethany is a good character, but she’s hot headed and stubborn. She’s grieving, and it’s clouding her judgment a little.

I love Jase, although the secrets he’s keeping isn’t helping Bethany. They are both great together and I love that spark. The problem they have is they’re not being completely honest and it’s driving a wedge between them.

The storyline is progressing well. Marcus has Jenny, but Jase isn’t telling Bethany that. I understand his reasoning, but she deserves to know and she would listen to him more if she did.

Bathany shouldn’t have ran off at the end. She should have given Jase a chance to explain, because now she’s in a bigger mess.

I’m intrigued to read the next book after the ending. Overall, I would definitely recommend this book.

My rating: 5/5*

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