Aeson: Blue (The Atlanis Grail Novella series) by Vera Nazarian

This is a novella from The Altantis Grail series.

Aeson’s secrets revealed at last!

Before Gwen won Aeson’s heart…
Before they joined forces to protect two planets and humanity itself…
Aeson faced death on his own.
And lost.

Young Imperial Crown Prince Aeson Kassiopei. Intelligent, well-educated, perfectly isolated in his lofty rank, responsibilities, and privilege of the divine Imperial Dynasty. He’s the most powerful boy on Atlantis and he’s going into the real world for the very first time. . . .

Now just another student in Fleet Cadet School, Aeson must learn everything other people take for granted—including the basics of how to look after himself, how to interact with others his age, how to laugh, and how to make friends.

As if that wasn’t enough to boggle the mind of a confident but shy boy who’s never had a real conversation with anyone but his mother, Aeson has one more lesson ahead . . . what it’s like to fall in love.

I enjoyed this novella. It was nice to get inside of a younger Aesons head, although, I would definitely recommend reading the entire Atlantis Grail series first.

Now I am completely in love with Aeson, so it was great to get in his head and see a younger him in fleet cadet school.

I loved seeing how he met his future Astra Damien, Oalla, Erita, Ker and Xel. He obviously isn’t used to social settings with his royal upbringing so I liked seeing him learn to make friends with them. It was interesting to learn Xel’s background.

We know Elikara was important to him from reading the series, so it was nice to get to know her. Obviously, we knew that tragedy was going to happen there.

I also liked the links to how he got his black armband.

Overall, this book was a great extension to the series. I’m looking forward to Aeson: black more, mostly because I feel a little bad being in love with him when he’s so young in this book. I prefer an older Aeson.

I would definitely recommend this novella after reading the rest of The Atlantis Grail series.

My rating: 5/5*

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