Brie’s Submission (1-3) (The Brie Collection Book 1) by Red Phoenix

This is the boxset of the first three books in the series.

Brie Bennett’s life is about to change.

An invitation to the exclusive Submissive Training Center is one she can’t turn down.

As Brie learns the art of submission under the skilled hands of a team of Dominants, her boundaries are tested and her heart is put on the line.

But as Graduation Day approaches, she can only be collared by one.

Which Dom will win her heart and … her submission?

I really enjoyed reading these books. The characters are great and I love the storyline.

Brie is a great character. She’s on a journey of self-discovery, and I really enjoyed watching her grow and develop.

I actually found the Submissive School quite interesting to read. The lessons were interesting, if not tough at times.

All of the other characters were brilliant too, from the various different Doms, to the trainers to the other subs like Lea.

Brie’s journey was also about coming to terms with her feelings. I loved seeing things develop between her and Sir. I loved the graduation ceremony and then after it when the were both learning to make this new relationship work.

I found myself becoming quite invested in them both.

My only comment would be that I prefer books written in first person POV, but with the brilliant characters and storyline, I found that it didn’t bother me much here.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this series. I’m really looking forward to reading the next book.

My rating: 5/5*

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