Brie’s Submission (7-9) (The Brie Collection Book 3) by Red Phoenix

This is the boxset of books 7-9 in the Brie’s Submission series

Get lost in the romance that awaits Brie Bennett when her Italian Dom plans the wedding of the century for his cherished bride and submissive.

But her Master has kept something from Brie that threatens their future. A trap is being laid that is so shocking it will rock their very foundation.

Will Brie choose to run or stand beside her man?

I absolutely love this series. The characters are fantastic and the storyline is brilliant.

Brie is a fantastic character. She’s constantly growing as a person and a sub, and these three books really threw challenges at both her and Sir.

I absolutely love Thane. He is a brilliant character and he is also growing and developing. I love his relationship with Brie. They really had some challenges to face in this, but together they came through. They are brilliantly suited to one another.

The wedding was brilliant and it was great to read them becoming man and wife, not just Dom and sub. Thane really excelled himself with his planning and I loved the fact he kept Brie in the dark.

They are definitely Condors.

I love all of the other characters. Every single one has a moment where they are also developing. Tono, Mary, Faelan, Master Anderson, Ms Clarke, Lea, Rytsar, and everyone else. Everyone jad their moments and it was great to see so many of them at the wedding. I think their characters are just as important in Brie and Sir’s story.

Overall, this series is absolutely fantastic. I absolutely love the characters and I’m really looking forward to continuing the story and seeing how Sir and Brie grow as a married couple.

I would definitely recommend this series.

My rating: 5/5*

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